AJ Juodka: Biohacking in Bali, Ultimate Health, and SE Asia’s Hidden Gems

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AJ Juodka: Biohacking in Bali, Ultimate Health, and SE Asia’s Hidden Gems

Aurimas Juodka, AJ for short, is a “gentle giant” – intimidating in stature and size at 6’7 and 240 lbs, yet very pleasant and thoughtful when you chat with him.  Originally from Lithuania, we met at DMSS and geeked out on biohacking, SE Asian hotspots, the health benefits to eating organ meats and intermittent fasting, Bali’s hidden gems, key biomarkers and how to track them, and what a healthy lifestyle in a truly holistic manner entails.

In this podcast we cover these topics as well as what what AJ considers the six fundamentals for ultimate health:

  •     Sleep
  •     Stress Management
  •     Nutrition
  •     Movement
  •     Environment
  •     Mindset

AJ’s goal is to help people go from good-to-great and reach their optimal health.  Listen if you’re interested in bringing your body to its peak potential as we also discuss cryogenic therapy, infrared saunas, and hyperbaric oxygen therapy…you know, the usual biohacking stuff. 🙂

Favorite Quote:

“You have to take care of the fundamentals first…I break them down into six pillars: sleep, stress management, nutrition, movement, environment, and your mindset. Six things. Six pillars. That’s what ultimate health is surrounded by.”

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